Automated 3D System

An automated 3D scanning system uses robots equipped with 3D scanners to quickly, accurately, and contactlessly measure the shape and size of items. This technology may be used for a variety of applications, including product quality control and the creation of digital models.

The workflow of an automated 3D scanning system typically consists of the following steps: plan the scanning procedure, scan the items, process the data, and analyze the results.

3D automated inspection is a technology for improving the inspection process of automotive stamping parts. Automotive stamping parts are metal components manufactured using a stamping press. They are used to manufacture a variety of automotive parts, including the body, chassis, doors, hoods, and fenders. Inspecting automobile stamping components may be difficult since they are generally huge, complicated, and have curved surfaces. Automated 3D measurement systems can cut inspection time and costs while increasing production and quality by measuring items quickly, consistently, and accurately.

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