Tracking 3D System

An optical tracking 3D system combines an optical tracker with a 3D scanner to measure the form, size, and position of objects in three dimensions.
The advantage of optical tracking 3D measuring machines is that they can measure big, complex, and irregular items with high precision, speed, and flexibility without requiring the objects to be fixed or moved, as well as the need of expensive fixtures or special equipment.

Die-casting molds are commonly used to make complicated and big parts like engine blocks, cylinders, and housings. However, checking die-casting molds can be difficult due to their size and form. Some molds have reflecting surfaces that might reduce measuring accuracy. Furthermore, some molds are excessively huge and must be disassembled before transporting to a measuring lab. The optical 3D measuring system can measure big and complicated objects fast and precisely, without contacting or harming them.

Die-casting manufacturers that use 3D scanning can benefit from faster and more efficient inspection procedures, as well as superior quality control and product development. By comparing scan data to CAD models, 3D scanning can aid in the detection of problems like as cracks or shrinking. Furthermore, 3D scanning lets you optimize molds or components by generating accurate 3D models that can be edited or evaluated in a variety of software.

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